Enrich Your Soul & Mind at a Weekly Tanya Class 
with Rabbi Mendy Mangel
Tuesdays 8:00pm – 9:00PM for Men and Women

The Chabad Center
1925 Kresson Road
Cherry Hill, NJ


Attain insights into yourself and the world around you with these fundamental teachings of Kabbalah, exploring and solving the dilemmas of the human soul.

We will explore topics from the Tanya text such as:
Free Choice • Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People • Love & Fear of G‑d • Self-Sacrifice • Spiritual Schizophrenia - The Divine Soul & The Animal Soul • Reward & Punishment • Ego & Humility • Love • Thought vs Deed • Depression & Negativity • Joy • The Spiritual Psyche • Unity of G‑d • The Tzaddik • Tzimtzum • Garments of the Soul • The Spiritual Worlds


Tanya: A Tale of Two Souls -  The Ubiquitous Identity Crisis

There are days when one indeed feels inspired by Judaism and spirituality, and there are days when they are a real bore. There are times when nothing seems more important than studying Torah or praying, and there are times when nothing seems greater than a steak and a good ballgame. There are moments when one is disgusted by the world’s immorality, and there are moments when one is tempted by it.

So, who are we? Are we to ignore our beastly temptations, or come to terms with them? And how is it that people possessing a G ‑dly soul can be filled with such animalistic desires?

It is Tanya that guides us through our dual personality. It gives us the insight to understand and overcome the struggles we deal with on a day-to-day basis.