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Chabad Men's Club

Lou D'Angelo Steve Osder Albert ElGrissy
President Vice President Secretary
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Mission Statement:

The Purpose of the Men’s Club is Multi-Faceted. It is to assist in the Chabad Mission of spreading Yiddishkeit by and through:

1. Developing and promoting a spirit of Chavura among all adult males who participate in and are part of Chabad (“Chabadniks”).

2. Developing, promoting, implementing and sponsoring programs, activities and events that serve to assist in the overall mission of Chabad of spreading Yiddishkeit within the overall Jewish community of South Jersey.

3. Further the spirit of Chavura and good fellowship of the Men’s Club Members, as well as non-Members, to bring Jews together in a true spirit of kinship and brotherhood, as a Family and as a People.

4. Facilitate programs and functions that assist in raising the overall consciousness and appreciation of Chabad and its multi-faceted works within the Jewish and non-Jewish Communities of South Jersey.

5. Provide through our Chavura and programming a feeling and sense of being a part of the Jewish Family to any and all unaffiliated Jews that come and attend Men’s Club events and sponsored events and thereby foster a desire to become active in Jewish Self-Awareness, Jewish Observance and Jewish Community functions thereby raising the level of and the spreading of Yiddishkeit among all Jews.

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