I didn’t have the best experience with Hebrew School and wasn’t eager to put my child through that. When I first came to Chabad, I decided to give it a go. I never thought I’d hear my daughter wake up Sunday morning and ask to go to Hebrew School! When I ask her what she likes about it she says that it’s fun. Her excitement is a true testament to your program.  
- S. K. 

When choosing a Hebrew School for my child I looked for a Hebrew School where there were happy faces on the children. I watched the classes one day and saw the energy all around. Your teachers are invigorated, and are so kind to the kids. I look forward to a deeper relationship with Chabad. I know I made the right choice.   
- M. L.

I can’t believe how the time has flown by. Can it be that six years already since I attended my first Bar Mitzvah at Chabad? It was different to anything I had ever seen and immediately decided to look into Chabad for Jacob’s schooling. Well, fast forward all these years and I can say that he feels so close to his teachers and the rabbis.    
- K. P.