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Celebrate the Holiday of 
Shavuot commemorating the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai 3331 years ago.

Luchos (3)
Come and hear The Torah Reading of

Shavuot Schedule
at Chabad in Cherry Hill
The Chabad Center, 1925 Kresson Road


Saturday Night, June 8  

Mincha & Maariv - 8:10pm

11:45pm - Late Night Learning

On the first night of Shavuot, Jews throughout the world observe the centuries-old to Study Torah all night in preparation for receiving the Torah anew the next morning.

Please join our scholar-in-residence 
Rabbi Naftali Silberberg
for an insightful night of study about the The Ethics of Shopping

In today’s society, it is natural to be concerned for the rights of a consumer, and less in vogue to worry about the interests of the vendor. In reality, however, good and evil is done by all of us. We will explore ethical issues that may arise while shopping: Is bargain hunting ethical and compatible with the Jewish value system? Is it a subtle form of taking advantage? What if the consumer understands that the vendor is unaware of the merchandise’s true value? Is it ethical to take advantage of a vendor’s liberal return policies? Is window shopping an unfair exploitation of a vendor?

Coffee and Refreshments will be served all night. 


Sunday, June 9

Come and hear The Torah Reading of

9:00am - Morning Service
10:30am - Ten Commandments

Followed by an ice cream party & sumptuous dairy
buffet Kiddush including blintzes,
cheesecake & an Ice Cream Party for the children

 Make sure to bring your children!

Mincha & Maariv - 8:00pm 


Monday, June 10
9:00 am - Morning Service & Torah Reading
10:30 am - Yizkor Memorial Service

Mincha & Maariv - 8:00pm