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IT IS TIME FOR A Mezuzah and teffilen CHECK-UP

We are bringing a sofer-scribe to you...

Sofer coming to Cherry Hill!

Bring your Mezuzot & teffilen to be checked
- the protection of the Jewish people.


The scribe will be available Sunday,  August 27 - 10 Elul 
from 10:30am - 5:30pm


At Chabad Lubavitch Center
1925 Kresson Road, Cherry Hill

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Kosher Mezuzah scrolls available for purchase

Mezuzahs & Teffilen must be checked every 3½ years to ensure that they are Kosher.
There are many things that the Sofer will look for when he checks your Mezuzahs.
The two basic categories are: Deterioration that may have occurred due to moisture,
heat or weather change, and problems in the way the Mezuzah was written
such as spelling mistakes, touching letters, improper spacing, etc.

If a problem is found, the Sofer has to determine if it can be corrected or not.
The laws regarding this are very intricate and complex and we are, therefore,
bringing down an expert who will guide us properly through
the Kosher Mezuzah certification process, and answer any questions you may have