Photo Journal - High Holidays 5771 / 2010

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Over 175 people participated in the
tradition of Kapparot prior to Yom Kippur.

Sushi in the Sukkah
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Sushi in the Sukkah & Chabad Movie Night featuring the film, Raid on Entebbe.

Our very own Chazan, Jaques Dahan,
related experiences of his dear brother and cousin
who were held hostage and rescued by the IDF in the raid.  

Grand Sukkot Party
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Children and Adults enjoyed a Sunday afternoon in the Sukkah with delicious food and entertainment.

Falafel, a spectacular Magic Show and a Simchat Torah candy flag craft was enjoyed by all.

Chabad @ Rutgers-Camden
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In conjunction with the JLSA at
Rutgers-Camden, Chabad erected a Sukkah on campus (despite the rainy weather) giving the students an opportunity to celebrate the holiday by shaking the Lulav and Etrog and grabbing a bite in the Sukkah.  

Shakshuka BaSukkah - Hosted by the Israeli Chabad Center
Chabad Logo Color In true Israeli spirit, The Israeli Chabad Center, directed by Rabbi Menachem & Shterna Kaminker, hosted "Shakshukah BaSukkah". 

Many enjoyed the celebration with a nice buffet dinner and game show in Sukkah.
Chabad in the News
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A small sign on Kresson Road in Cherry Hill announces the Chabad Lubavitch of Camden and Burlington counties. Those whizzing by in cars probably have no idea of its purpose, or how it is impacting many Jewish residents in SJ...

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Chabad in the News
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The soft music, the elegant registration desk, the chandelier, the serenity all suggest a high-end spa. The waiting area might be the sitting room in a fine hotel. But this place is none of the above. It is, rather, the Mikvah Mei Shifra, a new addition to the South Jersey landscape, and a contemporary version of the purifying waters in which Jewish women have immersed themselves for centuries... Click here