3 Tammuz

An Evening of Tribute
in honor of the Yahrzeit of the
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson O.B.M.

Tuesday, July 12th

Chabad Lubavitch
1925 Kresson Road, Cherry Hill

Keynote speaker
Rabbi Marvin Tokayer*
Japanese Air Force Chaplain

“The Rebbe Changed my Life”

Admission: No charge
Sponsorship's welcome - $18
Space is limited, please reserve early

Refreshments following program

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*Rabbi Marvin Tokayer served as United States Air Force Chaplain in Japan. Upon discharge he returned to Tokyo to serve for eight years as the rabbi for the Jewish Community of Japan. He wrote 20 books in Japanese, including several bestsellers; discovered literally the last of the Chinese Jews; located a long-lost Jewish cemetery in Nagasaki; contributed to the Encyclopedia Judaica; acted as a bridge for many travelers between East and West; served the needs of his congregation; and became spellbound by the threads of a story which he began piecing together. His investigation of the facts took him throughout Asia, to Israel and Washington D.C. as he searched for documents and tracked down the people, both Jewish and Japanese, who had taken part in the rescue of Jews from the Holocaust.