Grand Public Menorah Lighting at the Cherry Hill Mall Dancing Flames

Chabad invites the entire community to celebrate the Festival of Lights at a public Menorah kindling ceremony at the mall.

The grand Chanukah celebration will take place on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6:00 at JC Penney Court 

Special performance by Childrens Choir

Public dignitaries and community leaders will attend the ceremony and will assist
ing kindling the giant Menorah.

Following the kindling, there will be a program featuring music, delicious latkes and donuts, chocolate Chanukah Gelt for the children, dreidels, a raffle and family fun.

For more information please contact Chabad at 
856-874-1500 or email [email protected]


Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Abramson of Matza Fun Tours
for their generous contribution towards our Chanukah events