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Important notes!

- Cherry Hill Discount Promo Code:  CTMS78

- Register at www.cteen.com/shabbaton

- Shabbaton is for Jewish High School Teens only.


Dear Parents and Teens,

I'm excited to once again inform you about the amazing International Shabbaton for Jewish high school teens from across the world.

For the past ten years, hundreds of teens have forged new friendships while experiencing a weekend of fun, excitement, Jewish pride and inspiration. This year's fresh program and revised itinerary promises to be unmatched.

Teens that went for the past few years are still talking about it. Check out the pictures and see for yourself what everyone's raving about! Click here.

This year's Shabbaton will take place in New York from February 23 - 25. I will be leading group of high school teens from South Jersey.

Log on to www.cteen.org/shabbaton
and claim your discount using our Cherry Hill promo code CTMS78 

For more information you can contact me at
856-874-1500 ext 302 or email Cteen@TheChabadCenter.org

Space is limited.

Looking forward to a great weekend!

Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan
Chabad Program and Youth Director