Dedication Opportunities
   Mikvah Center Dedication | SOLD Mechanical Room | $10,000
   Women’s Mikvah Dedication | SOLD    Laundry Room | SOLD
   Women’s Mikvah Room | SOLD Donors Wall | $10,000
Walkway to Purity | $50,000 Educational Resource Library | $10,000
Women’s Mikvah Well | $36,000 Men’s Mikvah Dedication | $7,200
Bridal Preparation Room | $36,000 Men’s Mikvah Room | $72,000
Women's Preparation Room | $30,000    Men’s Mikvah Well | SOLD
Atrium/Lobby | $26,000 Men's Preparation Room | $26,000
Atrium Furnishings | $18,000 Men’s Foyer | $30,000
Reception Area | $18,000 Men's Entrance Mezuzah | $18,000
Women's Entrance Mezuzah | $18,000 Dishes Mikvah | $10,000
Wash Basin | $18,000 Other

Partnership Levels
Pillar of Life | $18,000 Builder | $36,000
Founder | $10,000 Sponsor | $2,500
Pioneer | $7,200 Chai | $1,800
Benefactor | $5,767 Donor | $1,000

Gifts may be made in one payment or in installments over a period of up to three years. 
Payments may be made by cash, check, credit cards or by transfer of securities.

All of the dedication and participation opportunities will have a place of permanent acknowledgment.

I/we hereby pledge and/or present the sum of to the Mei-Shifra Mikvah, a project of Chabad Lubavitch of Camden County, NJ. These funds are to be used to dedicate the above delineated and shall be used in support of Mei-Shifra Mikvah campaign. Please indicate all names to be honored/acknowledged:


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