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Shavuot 2017

Shavuot 2017

Shavuot (full width)

Celebrate the Holiday of Shavuot
commemorating the giving of the Torah at
Mt. Sinai 3329 years ago.

Luchos (3)

Come and hear
The Torah Reading of


Shavuot Schedule
The Chabad Center
1925 Kresson Road

Tuesday, May 30  

Please join 
Rabbi Naftali Silberberg noted author and lecturer
 and Rabbi Yechiel Krisch Director of Chabad of Ithaca College
for an
All-Night Shavuot Learning for Men & Women 

First night of Shavuot -Tuesday, May 30,
 starting at  11:15 PM

At the Chabad Center in Cherry Hill
1925 Kresson Rd. Cherry Hill

Join us for some or all of a fascinating night
of learning.

Coffee and Refreshments will be served all night. 

Wednesday, May 31 

Come and hear
The Torah Reading of


9:00am - Morning Service
10:30am - Ten Commandments

Followed by an ice cream
party & sumptuous dairy
buffet Kiddush including blintzes,
cheesecake & an Ice Cream Party for the children

Tuesday, June 1

9:00 am - Morning Service
& Torah Reading

10:30 am -
Yizkor Memorial Service

Prayer Schedule

Shabbat & Weekday