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  • Lag BaOmer - Thursday, May 26Join us for the annual Lag BaOmer event! Always a fun family event. Music, BBQ, kids program, food and more.Read More
  • Jewish Women's CircleNO-BAKE BAKE-OFF!

    Are you ready to take on the Cheesecake Challenge?
    Thursday June, 2

    Women Only!
    Read More
  • Chabad Gala 2016Save the Date! Wednesday, June 8Click here for more information
  • Make your Legacy a Jewish FutureClick here for more
  • Loving Yourself to Love OthersHer father disowned her, she lost her social status in the community, she lost her friends and her...Read More
  • What Do You Know About Lag BaOmer?Take the test and see if you are a Lag BaOmer expertRead More
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